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Welcome To Toast Making Simulator V0.2 Alpha

Toast Making Simulator is a wonderful game which has been worked on for countless hours to give you the best experience when making your toast with Toast Making Simulator!


  • Use Mouse To Interact With Buttons, Works Like An Everyday Toaster
  • Press Escape To Unlock Mouse From Game
  • Interact With Left Click
    • To Rotate Items Whilst Interacting With Them Hold Right Mouse Button And Move Mouse Around
    • To Change Items Distance From Screen Use "Q" To Move Out And "E" To Move In
    • Pick Up The Knife And Dip It In A Spread For Ultimate Satisfaction!

Question & Answers


Well They Are Bound To Be Coming In The Next Couple Of Days As This Game Is Amazing.

That's It?

Of Course Not! In The Near Future You'll Be Able To Buy Better Toasters, Accumulate Cash From Customers Orders, Purchase Different Types Of Bread, Upgrade Your Store And Much More!

Will I Be Able To Purchase The Full Version?

Later Down The Track (In About A Weeks Time) Toast Making Simulator Will Being Going To Steam Green Light So You Can Purchase The Full Version On Steam After Voting For Toast Making Simulator And Getting It Approved.

Current Update

  • Improved Shader For Better Lighting
  • Added Knife And Spreads To Spread Your Toast!
  • Fixed Toaster Bug
  • Fixed Spreading Bug
  • Added Title Screen Up Above!
  • Added Super Secret Button Which Does The Most Unbelievable Thing! And No It's Not "Space Bar"